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Supply the most competitive electronic products, audio products, and toy products.

Being an industry-leading manufacturer and OEM&ODM factory for 10 years, Everpower Technology, has mastered expansive and tremendous plastic materials and process engineering expertise in plastic products, certificated by BSCI, ISO9001, from in-house molding tools designs and processing to massive production support, to collaborate intimately with top-class global brands throughout the world, and is continuously developing our outstanding abilities for our customers' growing future values.



Everpower Tech is a manufacturer has it`s own factory with extensive experience in professional R&D design and production of Blue tooth audio products, such as Portable Speakers, Party Speakers, Earphones and some Holiday gifts and toys. Our RGB Party Speaker has led the industry, and the Bluetooth Outdoor Speaker has sold well in many markets worldwide and received praise from our customers. We have been working for many big companies, such as Simba, EDCO, Dunlop and Roseland etc.



Our design team is professional, passionate, and committed to 100% original design for all our products. Because of these development and design capabilities, we are able to better execute the customer's original orders, ten years we have undertaken many large companies OEM and ODM projects , we provide the best processing and foundry services.



We believe you can hardly find another company that can provide products of the same quality and competitive price in the market. In order to give the customer a very competitive price, we relocated our factory to the suburbs and retain a well-trained and stable group of workers, we strictly control the procurement cost of each component and calculate the cost of each production process. So a relatively high MOQ is required, then we can have some profits.



Our factory employs over 180 highly disciplined and well-trained production line workers with a daily production capacity of 20k-30k. We prioritize quality and have obtained the Quality Management System Certification of ISO 9001:2015 and the relevant Certification of the European BSCI Social Responsibility Standard. All our products meet industry and international standards, such as CCC, CE, FCC, and ROHS. In the future, Everpower Tech will continue to provide innovative and competitive products to more OEM and ODM customers.


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