Why Everpower Tech

1. Quality: Our team ensures superior product quality through decades of experience in plastic product design, meeting customer expectations.

2. Cost-effectiveness: We offer competitive advanced products , provide prudent and value-driven options for businesses and consumers.

3. Customer service: Customer satisfaction is prioritized at Everpower with reliable and prompt after-sales support, caring for customer needs and concerns.

4. Timeliness: Everpower prioritizes streamlined production and punctual delivery for utmost customer satisfaction.

5. Experience: With extensive industry experience, we are a trusted choice for businesses and consumers valuing expertise.

6. Flexibility: We offer diverse options and customization for unique needs and requirements.

7. Reputation: Everpower has a stellar industry reputation, consistently delivering superior products. Our customer retention rate is about 95%.

1. One-stop manufacturing service

As soon as we receive orders we design the mold for your confirm, then inject the samples. After getting your formal order, we arrange the production as soon as possible. One-stop service lets you have no worries. We also welcome your OEM/ODM orders.

2. World class equipment 

We have introduced a series of equipments, such as injection molding machine, ultrasonic machine, suction molding machine, desktop drilling machine, hot press machine, laser laser engraving machine, high wave machine, two-color pad printing machine, four-color pad printing machine, code spraying machine, sealing machine, and shrinking machine.

3. Professional Quality Control system

Our quality staff will check the structure and appearance of the product from the beginning to the end.

4. Technical engineering design team

When received your requirement, our engineers will make mold design and report to you for reference,hold a meeting to discuss the best scheme to save your cost.

5. Good After-sale services

Customers can keep their molds in our factory for production, and we will also maintain their mold, you don’t worry about missing or breaking. Regular paint anti rust oil to keep your mold in good condition.

6. ISO 9001 Certified Manufacturing Facilities.

  • Telephone

    • +8613602666590
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